What We Offer

Our goal here at The Compassionate Friends is that you would know that you are not walking the path of grief alone.  We meet monthly for a time of discussion on various topics, networking, sharing our children’s birthdays, and building community with one another.  We want to offer hope and support as you work to find your new normal.  We will always honor our children together.  Sometimes the people in our lives are very supportive when our children die, but they seem to easily forget how our world has been rocked by that loss.  They want us to feel “better.”  TCF is one place where you will find understanding and the people there will never expect you to feel better.

However, we do want you to know that the overwhelming, heartwrenching grief that you may feel right now does lessen to an ache that you can survive.  We will never be “better” because if we were better, our children would be back with us.  But our grief can get “easier” as we learn how to live with it and we learn how to find meaning in our lives moving forward.

Our hope is to offer hope to you.