Each year instead of having a regular, monthly meeting in December, we hold a special Candlelighting Service.  It is a service that is held in chapters around the world on the second Sunday in December.  It is an opportunity to remember our children, light a candle for them, share in beautiful music, and support each other during a difficult time of year.  It is a community service, so we invite any family or friends to come and remember the children that we have lost.

This year our service is on December 8 2019, at 6:15PM at Westminster Presbyterian Church at 26th and Bahnson in Sioux Falls.  We will have music, a short speaker, an opportunity to say our children’s names and light candles for them, and a slideshow with all of their names and pictures.  If you would like to have your child included, please email a picture to kristin@compassionatesf.org.  If your child has been in past slideshows, he or she will automatically be included this year as well.

After the candlelighting, we invite you to the fellowship hall to connect with other members.  This is often a meaningful and healing time to share with each other.  You are welcome to bring a treat to share if you choose, but it is not at all a requirement.  We hope to see you there as we all honor our children.