Message of Hope


Hope… It is so much more than just a simple word; it is the life force of our heart and soul.  The foundation of all our desires.  We cannot survive without it.  Hope speaks to the future.  Yet what is the future without our child?

I believe that hope evolves as we stumble forward in this most inconceivable journey.  In the beginning, we hope that somehow it just isn’t true.  We hope to “wake up” and shudder at the nightmare we’ve had.  Later, we hope that we will just somehow survive, that we will make it through the day, manage at our job, take care of our families.  We hope to just get up. Keep going…Survive!  Then we begin to hope that someday we might smile again, take pleasure in small things, notice a flower, enjoy a sunset and find joy in friendship and love.

As time progresses, we find that our hope grows in gentle reminders of our child, we treasure the memory of their smile, their voice, their uniqueness, the gift of the time we spent with them.  Our hope goes out to others, we find comfort in reaching out and find strength as we share our journey.

And finally, always, we hope for that day when we will see them again, hold them again. Together, again… forever!


(Jaden’s Mom)